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Black As Kink
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Black As Kink
Nikky Devin-Miels

When book editor Dallas Sears is tasked by business mogul Byron Telling, to sign famous author Marsland Freke to his new publishing business, little does she realise the magnitude of his order. With Telling’s former apprentice Jouline Delacroix also in the hunt, an innocent Dallas quickly realises she can only succeed in signing Freke by selling her soul, and her body. Guided by the beautiful and sexually talented Reilly Fox, Dallas embarks on an emotionally provoking and physically impacting initiation into a deviant underworld she never knew existed. As the chase for Marsland Freke’s contract heats up, reputations are exposed, relationships stressed, true love kindled and shattered, and sex is on show everywhere Dallas looks in the quaint English village where she lives. As Reilly Fox helps expose her repressed desires and willingness to explore new experiences, Dallas needs to decide how far she is prepared to go in her ultimate showdown with Freke. Black As Kink is the debut novel from Nikky Devin-Miels – the first novel in the ‘Black As Kink’ series.


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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019