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The First Great Commandment
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Gay News

The First Great Commandment
Gardner Sylvester

"What most churches won't tell you...An amazing book." (5 stars) --MICHAEL JONES

"A complete and marvelous re-interpretation of the Bible." (5 stars) --ROMAN ALVAREZ

"Completely-up-ends conservative Christianity." (5 stars) --JUSTIN MESA

"Shows the Bible as very gay friendly. A remarkable book." (5 stars) --HECTOR SAHAGUN

"Shows a Christianity not based on inequality." (5 stars) --KARINA FLORES

"Over-turns many 'sacred cows' of traditional Christianity." (5 stars) --ARIEL ALTER

"Presents a Christianity not obsessed with sinning." (5 stars) --CHRISTINA NGUYEN

"An eye-opening and inspiring book with a positive message." (5 stars) --AMAZON CUSTOMER

"This book gave me a wonderful feeling of understanding and hope." (5 stars) --CARLOS FIERRO

"Wow, what an amazing book! I was completely sucked in from the beginning, and am so impressed with Gardner Sylvester's keen insights... It is clear that he is quite scholarly in regards to religious and philosophical study and that, combined with his intellectual, analytical, and compassionate way of thinking leads him to probe deeper into religions and life to look at the bigger picture of the master plan for Christ's true message for ALL... not just 'some'... This was so well-written and absolutely riveting. It is not a fast read, but should be carefully and thoughtfully studied and discussed... Highly recommend for everyone." (5 stars) --STACY DECKER

"This book, The First Great Commandment by Gardner Sylvester was actually far more interesting and deeply insightful than I first expected it to be...I was transfixed by Mr. Sylvester's impressive knowledge of the Bible, scripture, philosophy, and of life in general... and the way he writes and puts it all together is very moving, eye-opening, and ultimately transformative. The First Great Commandment is an absolute 'must read' for anyone regardless of where you are on your spiritual and life journey...This book will definitely open your eyes and change the way you think about Christ's True Message. A wonderful read, a definite keeper." (5 stars) --LAYLA MESSING

"I was honestly shocked at how much I enjoyed reading this book... I have read many, many, many books on spirituality... Often I do feel that they can come across as too 'preachy,' or highbrow, or holier-than-thou. However, I thought this book was a wonderful change and Mr. Sylvester's author 'voice' was more like how a friend or trusted confidante would talk to you... a much wiser, learned friend or confidant! I like that he actually asked... and addressed... several questions that I've had myself over the years... This is...not one to be rushed, but one to be savored, analyzed, and pondered upon. Almost scary how much truth lies within these pages!" (5 stars) --TABITHA PARKS

"After I read a book, I ask myself a few questions... was it well written? Does it have a clear plot (or point or premise)? Is it memorable? Does is affect/change me in some way? Make me think? Would I recommend to others? If these answers are all 'yes' then I know I've stumbled on something special. That's how I felt when reading The First Great Commandment... I found myself totally riveted by this book and Mr. Sylvester's keen insight and his research and how he shared his learned wisdom. I thought it to be very powerful and memorable. An impressive read and the author is an inspiring, intelligent voice for Christians to learn from." (5 stars) --JENNA BREWSTER


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