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Beyond Sexual Pleasure, The House of Romance
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Beyond Sexual Pleasure, The House of Romance
Olivia Hampshire

Claudia and Grace, owners of The House of Nymphos have been through a lot together. Their love has stood the test of time. They've weathered successes, failures, joy, love, heartache, and even tragedy. And to this day they are closer than ever. They are a shining example of the type of love that everyone dreams about finding one day. Nothing could ever tear them apart… Right?

When Claudia proposes marriage to Grace during an anniversary dinner with their nearest and dearest friends she thinks it is going to be perfect. She loves Grace and she knows Grace loves her too. It is the right time to take the next step. All of her life Claudia has dreamt of a picture perfect wedding and of being a wife and mother. Grace has said in the past that she wants no such thing. Growing up the way she did she has seen that marriage is just not for her. But over time the once defiant and standoffish Grace has softened somewhat. She has become so much more than she ever thought she could be. Claudia is sure that Grace will say yes.

But when Grace turns her down and leaves the party immediately very upset Claudia fears she may have set in motion the very thing that might unravel everything about who they are. She tries desperately to hang on to what has made their relationship so strong in the past when now it is clearly on rocky ground.

Grace racked with guilt over knowing that Claudia wants something she can't give her and Claudia full of grief knowing the pain she is causing the love of her life scrambles to make everything ok. It seems to be working until some new women come into their lives.

Do Claudia and Grace have what it takes to save their love?

New love can often be shiny, tempting, and oh so dangerous…

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Sunday, December 16th, 2018